Glarus Time Tracking – is an easy tool for tracking employee time and evaluating work efficiency!

We do not monitor employees, but help to easily and quickly collect the necessary information and present it in the form of graphs and tables online!


How it works?

Who needs?

Everyone who has employees on a monthly salary, and customers pay for a product, service, for example, for:
  • Developers
  • Lawyers
  • Administrative staff
  • Logistics staff
  • Employees of real estate companies
  • Marketers
  • Sales managers
  • Engineers
  • And etc.
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Why is this needed?

  • hiw1
    Understand your real costs for activities / projects / clients
  • hiw2
    Monitor the profitability of individual operations and improve it
  • hiw3
    Increase employee time utilization

Benefits of Glarus Time Tracking by Glarus – Digital

  • You can set everything up and start working in 10 minutes
  • Employees only need Telegram and no additional apps
  • Collection of reports does not strain employees and goes through reminders in Telegram
  • Increasing the reliability of the collected information
  • No need to fill out complex "time sheets", making mistakes
  • All analytics in various sections and filters is available online!

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